The Best Prepaid SIM Cards in Canada

If you want to visit Canada, one of the things you should know is how to connect people at home. When you get there, or before getting to the country you need to get a prepaid SIM card in Canada so that you can be able to access your family and friends at home in order to let them know your welfare and experience in Canada. I must tell you that the rate of calling people abroad is very expensive the best way to reduce your cost is to change to the local SIM card. In Canada there various offer for the call, SMS, and also the data plans that can reduce the bills of your communications. You can go online if you want to know more about the plans and compare each plan to the other so that you can select the option you like. The Wifi usage in Canada is more expensive than the pocket Wifi Japan.

There are four main network providers In Canada, they namely Rogers, Telus, Bell, and Freedom Mobile. Both the citizens and visitors have tried their SIM cards and they know how they work therefore they can lay their trust in them.

The network operators provide reasonable prices as a form of competition with each other while prepaid credit cards are been sold. This helps the users in using the benefits of low Tariff, plans any other coverage. All networks provide 2G which has been scrapped out recently, they also offer 3G AND 4G/LTE. In Canada, SIM card is called “SIMs”. They do not require any rule and regulations when buying them, all you need is to present your passport and start processing the registration online.

Here are some network providers in Canada:


Rogers is the largest network provider in Canada with services like 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE which has spread across the country. Rogers has rated the best Canada SIM card for tourists who will like to visit the country. You can get their SIM cards from their official store, online or any other certified sellers in Canada. You can go online if you want to know more about their services.


Telus becomes the next largest network provider in Canada. Though 2G has been phased out, they still offer 3G and 4G. They purchase types of SIM cards such as min sim card and Nano sim cards in their official stores and all other authorized resellers. You can also order for the sim online. If you want to know more on their plans, you can find it online.


Bell is also a service provider in Canada. It is rated third among the for network providers in Canada. Bell is the only network provider that provides SIM cards with data for devices like tablets, mobile phones, and modems. You can also visit their website for more information on their coverage.


Freedom Mobile:

This is the smallest network provider in Canada which has limited network coverage which can only work in big cities and not everywhere in the country. Freedom Mobile also select devices it can work with. Therefore if you want to use this network, please enable to check your phone by typing the original identification number of your phone (Freedom’s IMEI number) to know if your device can work with this network. The Freedom’s SIM cards can also be sold online, Official store, and any other authorized store in Canada. Freedom mobile also the best plans for users.

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