Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is establishing a firm presence

Only 2 years ago, Pastor Oyakhilome earned the benefit of an honorary degree that was delivered to him from the Benson Idahosa University and also the Ambrose Alli College. This was seen as quite an accomplishment and the ministry of Pastor Oyakhilome upholds scheduled jamborees on a regular basis, throughout the United Kingdom and also all across the United States of America. Pastor Oyakhilome has a highly esteemed, renowned South African and Canadian centered healing school congress. In fact, Paster Oyakhilome is celebrated for conducting the Higher Life seminar all over the country of Canada, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Ghana, and South Africa. If truth be told, Pastor Chris himself brought together the illustrious Night of Bliss, a South African occurrence that was ostensibly conducted at the esteemed FNB Stadium located in Johannesburg.


Chris Oyakhilome‘s institute spreads out over several branches in concert with the NGO known as the Innercity Missions for Children. This is a well known Healing School for spiritual health. His Christ Embassy also integrates Rhapsody of Realities including LoveWorld Books. This is truly a fantastic achievement that also comprises three well respected Christian broadcasting programs. These broadcasts consist of: LoveWorld Television, LoveWorld Plus, as well as LoveWorld SAT. Pastor Chris’s broadcasting channels characterize what are accepted as healings of faith and an assortment of miracles that have been performed inside of innumerable extensive flocks that are well thought-out and maintained entirely by his Christ embassy ministry over a large amount of countries. This consist of a variety of congregations that amount to well over 2.5 million attendees over a lone night’s occurrence.


In concert with the famous Benny Hinn, the Pastor Chris Oyakhilome proposes to bring about an innovative broadcasting channel to establish a devoted foundation for demonstrating the supremacy that God possesses, not only within the United States of America, but including a world wide reach. The Pastor maintains the intention of ensuring that the year 2017 is the moment in time that is flourishing and in position for reflection on God’s teachings. Many people have looked upon the scheduling of Pastor Oyakhilome’s new broadcasting channel as a truly divine occasion, including the famous Pastor Deola Phillips. Be certain to observe the commencement of this magnificently awaited new broadcasting channel, because it is destined to be a triumphant experience.


Observe numerous incredible undertakings, Pastor Oyakhilome, collectively with assistance from Pastor Benny Hinn, have unanimously declared that their innovative venture will summon the creation of an additional broadcasting channel which will be accessible all over the United States of America. The new broadcasting system will go live beginning in the Summer of 2017. The true and unmistakable Power of God is destined to be displayed on the highly respected television broadcasting network known as Olympusat. This first-class broadcasting of Christian programming is famous and respected amid millions of reputable worshipers all over the nation. This will not be a new undertaking for the Pastor because Chris has about 15 years of broadcasting knowledge that is focused on Christian content and has spread out to several broadcasting networks for the past 14 years after beginning with the renowned Africa Worldwide. Countless millions have experienced the effects of the Pastor’s broadcasting network programming.

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